I am a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard’s Department of Government with a Ph.D. from Princeton’s Department of Politics. My research interests focus on formal and informal governance in international organizations. My dissertation examines informal power-sharing in the United Nations Security Council. I rely on experimental and quasi-experimental methods as well as process-tracing to investigate decision-making in the UN Security Council, compliance with its decisions, the impact of its resolutions on US and foreign public attitudes, and issue linkage across international institutions. An additional research project leverages list experiments and two original national surveys in Iraq to investigate Iraqi public attitudes toward ISIS, the Iraqi government, and US airstrikes against ISIS. I am the recipient of the 2018 APSA Merze Tate Award (previously known as the Helen Dwight Reid Award) for the best dissertation in the field of international relations.

The picture at the top shows the UN Security Council’s working breakfast with the Turkish foreign minister during a closed-door retreat in Istanbul. I am seated in the foreground on the left side. For the qualitative component of my research I participated in seven Security Council retreats and interviewed diplomats in seven countries.

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